Boosting the Effectiveness of Peace-building: Strategies for Evaluation and Enhancement


The Methodology and enhancement of the Impact of Peacebuilding Initiatives methodology is a collaborative effort between the Development For People and Natural Association Lebanon (DPNA), Generations For Peace Jordan (GFP), Active Youth Institute (AYI) Lithuania, and the European Integration Group (EIG) Turkiye, operating under the Peace at Home, Peace in the World Project.

This initiative seeks to underscore the significance of extensive training and events in fostering peacebuilding initiatives among youth, while also focusing on evaluating and improving their impact. 

Through a comprehensive assessment, this methodology examines the effectiveness of various peacebuilding activities, including training sessions conducted in Lebanon, local workshops organized in Jordan, Türkiye, Lithuania, and Lebanon, and survey results collected over the past five years on refugees and peacebuilding efforts in these regions. 

By analyzing the outcomes of these initiatives, the methodology aims to provide clear instructions for youth on how they can actively engage as peacebuilders in their communities. The collaborative nature of this methodology highlights the importance of cross-border cooperation and knowledge sharing in promoting peace and social cohesion. By bringing together organizations from different regions and backgrounds, this methodology demonstrates a commitment to leveraging diverse perspectives and experiences to address complex challenges related to conflict resolution and peacebuilding. 

Furthermore, by focusing on the empowerment of youth as agents of change, this methodology aligns with the broader goals of sustainable development and community resilience. By equipping young people with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to engage in peacebuilding activities, this initiative seeks to foster a culture of peace and tolerance, thereby contributing to the overall well-being and stability of society.

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